In high school, I had the opportunity to conduct research projects over three summers, two at the Naval Postgraduate School Department of Physics, and one in the UC Davis Department of Math. 

Project Poster from Naval Postgraduate School Internship.


Research Paper for COSMOS project. PDF created using LaTeX. 

Many thanks to my colleagues, Neil Kapoor and Kevin Liu, for working with me on this project. Special thanks also to Prof. Javier Arsuaga, Prof. Mariel Vazquez, Shawn Witte, Keith Fraga, Ali Heydari, Ryan Uebner, Michelle Flanner, and everyone else in the UC Davis 2018 COSMOS Cluster 9.

Poster for COSMOS Mathematical Modeling in Molecular Biology research project. Calculated transition probabilities of DNA between different knot types during site-specific recombination and how these probabilities are affected by arc length restrictions between LoxP (recombination) sites. Project results have implications in genetic engineering applications. 

Slides for presentation about COSMOS project. Presented to professors, teaching assistants, teaching intern, teaching fellow, and to all of classmates in Cluster 9. 

Neil, Kevin, William Class Presentation