In high school, I was involved in my school's FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team. I served as the electrical department lead for two years and was on my team's compeition drive team for two years.

Mitty Robotics (FRC Team #1351) 2019 robot. This robot was designed to launch playground balls (cargo), place velcro lined disks (hatch panels), and scale a platform (the HAB). Our robot placed 13th at the Central Valley Regional, and as a team we won the Imagery and Team Spirit Award. On this robot, I designed and manufactured the entire electrical layout using tools such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining; built most of the pneumatics system; successfully troubleshooted numerous errors both during the manufacturing phase and the high stress competition environment; and assisted in planning and wiring our driver feedback LED strip and operating interface. During competition, I not only had the role of technician but also lead the pit crew in a cool headed manner when technical issues arised. 


(Above) Robot in competition

(Left) Computer-Aided Design (CAD) rendering of our 2019 robot

Battery Cart Off-Season Project. This CAD render exhibits a proposed project to build a cart, which can not only conveniently transport twelve FRC robot batteries to and from competitions but also charges and displays voltage readings for each battery. I oversaw the design phase of this project, researching previous battery cart projects to compile design requirements and basic prototype layouts. I also developed the bill of materials for this project and facilitated the design review with our team's mentors.

(Left) CAD render of battery cart. Construction of this project currently underway! 

Mitty Robotics (FRC Team #1351) competing in 2018. This robot extended up to seven feet high in order to put power cubes (milk crates) onto the high scale (see right). I was both the electrical lead and drive team technician on my team. This robot won the 2018 CalGames off-season robotics competition.

(Right) Pictures from competition

(Below) CAD Model of 2018 robot

Electronics plate for above robot. Designed to keep electronics compact yet neat. Fits on the bottom of the robot and drops down to allow easy access for repair. As electrical lead, I worked to design, assemble, and mount this plate for the robot, along with the rest of the robot's wiring and electrical components.

Mitty Robotics 2017 robot. Designed to receive plastic gears and deliver them to a peg, shoot Gopher balls into a upright cylinder, and climb a 4 foot rope. I worked on the electronics and wiring for this robot. 

Mitty Robotics 2016 Robot: After this robot was stripped of its subsystems, I designed and built an electrical layout for this robot to serve as a sled, a robot used for testing code and prototype mechanisms.