Science Fair Projects

In high school, I created two engineering projects for the Synopsys Science Fair. The first is a device that attaches onto a white cane for visually impaired individuals and provides haptic feedback in response to nearby obstacles. The second was an algorithm that compares tertiary protein structures using files mined from the Protein Data Bank.

Engineered an add-on to a white (blind) cane. Uses ultrasonic sensor and motors to provide variable haptic feedback to blind user. Goal was to allow blind user to be aware of objects in his/her vicinity and roughly how far away these objects were. See video for demonstration of device

Blind cane device up close. Prototype has a battery life of roughly 40 hours and is designed to sense objects up to 4 feet away. 

Second version of blind cane device in the making. Uses haptic motors, accelerometer and gyroscope, touch sensor, and ultrasonic sensor. A work in progress!

Slides from display board of 2019 Synopsys Science Fair Entry. I designed an algorithm that could compare proteins by detecting similarities in predicted alpha helix positions and utilizing other data calculated using Protein Data Bank coordinates, such as total chain length. This project has applications in determining functions of newly discovered proteins.

Science Fair 2019 screenshots
Compilation of Science Fair 2019 Code

Compilation of Python Code I wrote to generate data from Protein Data Bank files. These scripts were used to quantify similarities and differences between proteins.